Monday, January 25,2016

As many of you know, I’m all about that red utility pieces like this coat. I found this one while I was in London with my mother for four years ago. Dang that was long time ago! And she was nice enough to buy it for me. Anyhow I am very glad I swooped this up because it has become my favorite. The perfect throw-over the shoulder jacket to complete the outfit.
   This particular wide stripe trouser is very special to me because I’ve been eyeing this baby the whole summer of 2015 and didn’t buy it before this January.  Luckily, it went on sale (it’s not like its expensive, but hey nothing feels better than buying things you like on half price) and in my size. JACKPOT!!! I would categorize this outfit as my ideal meeting ensemble. I could literally wear this look every day!
What is your favorite piece/look?
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Can’t wait to see your looks fashionistas.
Photographed by: Mike Lookee
Via Miralles