Sunday, January 3,2016

Bring it on 2016!!!

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Thanks to everyone who come and celebrated with us

2015 has been both good and bad. Mostly good I think. It brought so much joy and fulfillment the entire year. Through out the year I got to know many wonderful people who brought so much color in my life. Each individual has touch my life more than I can put in words. And because of them I’ve learned to let go and forgive those who were unkind to me.
It was also the year where I lost my way…
In the beginning of 2015 I started doubting my talent and what I’m capable of. I even started slacking off when it came to creative designs. Everybody was showering me with compliment and telling me how hard working I was. But deep inside me, all those words had an empty meaning to me. How can I be happy about hearing it when I know inside me that I didn’t deserve all those kind words? That I haven’t worked as hard as I should?
Don’t get it twisted people; I didn’t stay “lost” for a long time.  Somehow I found my way back again. I know it was something I couldn’t just run away from. I decided that failure was not an option. I just can’t give up when things don’t go my way so, I worked harder instead. I promised myself that before 2015 ends, I would do something I’ll be proud of…and I’m back in the game.
If 2015 wasn’t your best year; don’t let it define you, or make you feel like you have it worse than other people. You can't pick yourself up if you settle for less and never bother figuring out where it's best for you to go. I can't guarantee you the success you're looking for in 2016, but you have to admit that working really hard for what you want and love, and moving forward even in baby steps is better than being a slave to someone else or to your own issues. So make a good one for yourself with what you have, because you can. You are a warrior. No matter how real the struggle is, you will always find a solution.       
So let’s welcome 2016 with a hope that its better than what we can dream of. May each of us be blessed with the little joys of love and life. May all your dreams turn into reality and efforts into great achievements. Step into this brand New Year with renewed vigor, bigger hopes and stronger will. Wish you a smashing year filled with delightful surprises in abundance! You have the power to shape your future by being determined and confident. I wish you success in all your endeavors and may you emerge stronger with each passing day.
Make every day of the New Year worth cherishing all your life.
Cheers to another chance to get it right.
Via Miralles